Terms and Conditions

Owners should make sure all dogs have a collar with ID disk attached. I will also attach one of Threeshires ID disks on all dogs when walked.
All leads, harnesses, coats or other walking aids will be supplied by the owner.
If any dog/s become unwell or need medical attention whilst in my care, they will be treated with your vet listed and with your consent. You the owner will be liable for any vet’s bill for any such treatment.
I reserve the right to cut short a walk if necessary for the safety of both Dog and handler. This could be due to the weather or if a dog looks as though it is suffering.
All dogs will be exercised on a lead unless I have prior written consent for the owner and that the dog/s will come back to recall when called.
Any keys held by Threeshires, will be securely locked away and will not have any client details attached. These will be colour coded in such a way that only I will know whose is whose.
Client’s paperwork and details will be kept in a locked filing draw, with no reference to any keys if held.
I have public liability insurance for dog’s walked in my care by “Pet Business insurance”. This does not however cover your dog for loss, illness or injury or even death and Threeshires will not be held responsible for any of these.
Dogs must have up to date vaccinations.
No more than 4 likeminded dogs will be walked together at any given time. Or if required, individually walked.